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Saitama Prefectural
Education Center
(Main Branch)

2-24 Fujimi-cho, Gyoda-shi
Saitama 361-0021
TEL: 048-556-6164
FAX: 048-556-3396

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Kōnan Branch
Mishoshinden 1355-1
Kumagaya-shi, Saitama
TEL: 048-536-1586
FAX: 048-536-1710

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    both locations: 
    09:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday
    excepting public holidays
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Greetings from the Director

SaitamaPrefectural Education Center
Yutaka Takaoka, Director

Here at the Saitama Prefectural Education Center, we have established thisschool year’s mission statement (slogan: “fostering zest for life,strengthening ties, and supporting schools”) on the basis of the SaitamaEducation Promotion Master Plan (slogan: “Linkages and Zest for Life”)implemented the past school year. The staff of the Center are striving toenhance the quality of educators and create learning networks through projectsincluding research, staff training, and counseling services.


The fieldof education presents us a number of challenges, ranging from assuring thesafety and peace of mind of students, to building partnerships with householdsand the community, to addressing the problems of school refusal, at-riskbehavior, and high school dropoutism. We believe that the Education Center hasa significant role to play in the various measures the Prefectural Board ofEducation has instituted to solve these problems.


TheEducation Center also conducts cutting-edge, practical research studies to findsolutions to educational issues. The results are posted on our website so thatthey may be accessible to all educators.


We placethe highest importance on the improvement of both classroom teachers’ skillsand the institutional efficacy of schools under the leadership ofadministrators. To this end, the Education Center offers a number of stafftraining seminars.


The Centermakes available a variety of counseling services, such as a twenty-four hourcounseling hotline provided in collaboration with the Student CounselingDivision of the Board of Education, and in-person consultation on educationalissues ranging from behavior, schoolwork, and career options to problems suchas bullying and school refusal. Counseling is also available to schools and guardiansregarding special consideration and support for students with special needs.


Inaddition to the above, the Center actively seeks to undertake new projects inpartnership with various research institutions, museums, universities, privateenterprises, and non-profit organizations.


This year,the Center will link its on-going projects from various points of view and, byenhancing all the projects as a team, we will support the improvement ofteacher quality and ability more effectively.


We kindlyask for your continued understanding and support.