Access & Contact Info
Saitama Prefectural
Education Center
(Main Branch)

2-24 Fujimi-cho, Gyoda-shi
Saitama 361-0021
TEL: 048-556-6164
FAX: 048-556-3396

絵文字:出張 Access Map
smileys: Bus Schedule

Kōnan Branch
Mishoshinden 1355-1
Kumagaya-shi, Saitama
TEL: 048-536-1586
FAX: 048-536-1710

絵文字:出張 Access Map
smileys: Bus Schedule

絵文字:仕事 Hours of operation at
    both locations: 
    09:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday
    excepting public holidays
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Cultivating students' academinc abilities & indepe

Cultivating students' academin abilities & independence

Facilities and Equipment Overview